Passion for marble

Birth of a Galaxy
Birth of a Galaxy,
White Marble, 2011

Gino Corsanini’s plastic research comes from far, from the Museum of the early twentieth century, the one in which Alexander Archipenko spent the Cubist experience, preserving some expressive allusiveness of that heroic period (see “Last breath”).
Corsanini is, in a sense, the heir of that language, of that world. It performs bronze sculptures and marble with a special cut, where the fraternized world with the recess, further enhancing expressiveness aimed at forms of remarkable poetic quality. There are works with Liberty as Corsanini’s main object is to bring plastic bodies into the surface that move with harmonious shapes.
In the artist there is a constant dialogue with the subject, which he elaborates in a skillful way, with a bottom aristocracy. In fact, plastic constructions tend to sublimate only the beautiful.

Paolo Levi



International Symposiums

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